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Photographer Spotlight: Fyfe Photography.

Step into the world where craftsmanship meets creativity and aesthetics merge with artistry. Kolbe Gallery has partnered with Fyfe Photography multiple times now to capture the beauty of our projects through photo and video content. A delicate fusion of technical proficiency and artistic perspective transforms each photo or video into a visual masterpiece. 

Fyfe Photography X Kolbe Gallery 

Kolbe Gallery often collaborates with Andrew at Fyfe Photography to capture the essence of your new projects through a lens. Below are brief descriptions of the projects Kolbe Gallery and Fyfe Photography have collaborated on, with the photos of course! 

Seaside Dream 

Seaside Dream is one of Kolbe’s traditional projects located in British Columbia. As you transition from the serene and ethereal entrance, the windows guide you to a sweeping vista of the ocean. To authentically encapsulate this ambiance, expansive panels and ultra-wide glass doors create the illusion of seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor spaces.  

The Alder interior, expertly stained in the enchanting hue of Ebony, infuses a sense of opulence and sophistication. Complementing the contemporary architectural style of the residence, the double clear-coated Steel Gray exterior colour adds a modern and refined touch. 

Architects Vision 

Architects Vision is one of Kolbe’s contemporary projects located in Gibsons, British Columbia. This new home showcases Kolbe Gallery's Ultra Series Aluminum Clad Wood Windows, presenting a cutting-edge design. Enhancing the sleek and modern aesthetic is the Timberwolf exterior finish colour adorning the windows. Inside, the double clear coat of mixed grain fir imparts a sense of warmth and sophistication to the living spaces. 

Boasting square-profile glazing beads/stops and a contemporary profile, these windows seamlessly blend functionality with style. The dual-glazed glass ensures energy efficiency and maximizes natural light transmission, offering a harmonious balance. Featuring Encore-style matte black crank-out handles on casement windows and Dallas-style matte black door handles on the doors, the project maintains a cohesive look. The addition of adjustable swing door hinges in black contributes to the seamless and unified appearance throughout. 


Cliffhanger is another contemporary Kolbe project located in BC, but this time in Bowen Island. Exemplifying the ultimate balancing act, this home hovers above the Howe Sound while offering relaxing views that only VistaLuxe® Collection windows and doors could capture. 

West Peak Development Deep Cove Project 

This beautiful home overlooking the lake is unique because it has just about one of everything. This project features Kolbe lift and slide doors, multi-slide doors, and a Dutch door. 

Multiple Fyfe photos that were done for this project were later used in magazines and ads.  

Buddhist Retreat 

The Buddhist Retreat is a unique design nestled in the trees on the outskirts of Vancouver, a hidden gem as some may say. This project features Kolbe ultra-series aluminum-clad, wooden windows, and Timberwolf as the colour for the exterior finish.  

Fyfe Photography captured the beauty of these projects through visual content, not an easy thing to do. These photos are utilized on our website, our social media channels, magazines, and displayed in our galleries. 

The collaboration between Fyfe photography and Kolbe Gallery transcends the ordinary. The showcased projects, such as Seaside Dream, Architects Vision, and Cliffhanger, vividly come to life through Andrew's artistry, challenging the notion that "the photo doesn't do it justice." 

For more information, contact Andrew here.   

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