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Like Steel Windows, but Better.

We’ve all admired a photo or gazed up at / out of a beautiful New York (inspired or real) steel encased window – the stunning contrast of the black metal over the glass creates a modern, industrial aesthetic that is truly unmatched… until you look at the price tag, the energy efficiency or the insulation performance it does to the home.

But don’t worry – your New York loft dreams aren’t DOA. Steel is an expensive, ‘fussy’ material that can end up costing you more than just those hefty install fees. Steel doesn’t insulate as well as more modern materials creating drafts, low energy efficiency and a whole lot of condensation on your windows when it’s cold and wet outside.

So, how do you get the look without all the issues? Kolbe Gallery aluminum windows.

Kolbe aluminum windows can be custom designed to any profile style, meaning you can create that stunning square panel look at any width or height apart (and at nearly any size!). These aluminum windows can be finished with a ‘steel appearing’ material creating the exact appearance of steel without losing any of the amazing qualities from our VistaLuxe AL LINE.

The VistaLuxe Collection AL LINE offers sophisticated finishes that enhance the lifelong beauty of your windows and doors. Powder-coated finishes are available for the protection of the aluminum as well as for an attractive design aesthetic. In the process of powder coating, the aluminum is first degreased and cleaned. A colored powder is then sprayed onto the statically charged profiles. These profiles are subsequently baked in ovens, allowing the powder to melt together into a stable and high quality finish of the aluminium giving it that shine ✨.

Anodized finishes option on windows and doors will emit a subtle radiance. This results in a reflective, metallic sheen that demands attention in any home. The Kolbe prefinish is warranted for 10-years.

Our VistaLuxe AL LINE offers a full selection of thermally broken, all-aluminum windows and doors that emphasize clean lines, coordinated profiles, various configurations, and stylish functionality. Our window options include:

1. Casement Windows: Offering air, light and energy into your space.

2. Awning Windows: Perfect if you're looking for subtle ventilation without letting mother nature in.

3. Specialty Windows: Allowing for unique shaping, function or configuration.

4. Multi-Slide Doors: Aluminum panels that operate smoothly, stacking or shifting to any configuration.

5. Lift & Slide Doors: Perfect for breathtaking panoramic views and corner units.

All of these styles can be customized to reflect the look and feel of steel with exceptional energy efficiency, numerous options, superior warranties + industry leading insulation performance.

So don’t settle for steel.. Make your space a place to showcase with VistaLuxe AL LINE as the main feature.


Want to upgrade your next design project or home renovation? Contact us today to chat options.

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