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A Peek Inside Windows of Opportunity: Mount Vernon High School

Step into the innovative modernization of Mount Vernon High School, where tradition meets cutting-edge design. Tasked to preserve the timeless charm of the school's historic Old Main Building, TCF Architects embarked on a journey to replicate its iconic windows while enhancing performance for the demands of contemporary education. 


With meticulous attention to detail, TCF Architects commissioned the replication of Mount Vernon High School's historical windows, ensuring that each pane retained its traditional authenticity while boasting modern functionality. 

The windows of the school feature Kolbe’s Ultra Series product line with extruded aluminum exterior. From exterior casing to sills, every element is thoughtfully integrated to provide a maintenance-free exterior, backed by Kolbe's industry-leading 30-year warranty finish. This commitment to durability ensures that Mount Vernon High School's architectural legacy will endure for generations to come. 

Most of the windows are single-hung, strategically restricted at four inches for fall protection while still allowing for natural ventilation and airflow throughout the learning environment. This balance of safety and comfort creates an atmosphere conducive to  

student success, where fresh air and natural light support the educational experience. 


Why choose Kolbe Products and Kolbe Gallery Seattle’s Installation for this monumental project? With a complete window system packaged and set in place, coupled with extensive experience in historical restoration projects, TCF Architects entrusted Kolbe Products and our installation to bring their vision to life. 

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