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Green Thumb

This modern home in Seattle, Washington brings nature to the forefront of the design. The modern home combine tranquil gardens with large traditional, accent cased VistaLuxe WD windows to flood the interior with natural light & connection to the awe inspiring gardens.  

Modern Project | Seattle, Washington.  

As you walk from the delicate and dreamy entrance the windows transport you into a sweeping view of the ocean. The oversized panels create an indoor-outdoor feeling with ultra-wide sliding doors to truly capture this essence. The rear exterior is perched on natural stone and rocky beach.

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Drenched in tranquillity, this garden home balances modern design with natural finishings to create a blended experience. The windows provide nearly 360 degree views of the incredible landscaping, bringing the delicate feeling of nature inside. The exterior design combines hard blacks with concrete. The exterior finishing for these VistaLuxe WD accent cased windows match the black shingles creating a cohesive feeling.

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The front door of the home is truly the focal point. This Sapele Pivot Door creates an elevated transition from the main living space, kitchen & front garden. Pivot doors are a favourite of past Kolbe clients for the incredible experience they are able to create with every open. Not only does this style create an incredible vignette to admire, it also offers a unique practical use; as picture here, the Pivot door can be opened to a fixed position, where the door stays open at the 90 degree point. These home owners prop their front door open for ease of entertaining (when brining botanical cocktails to the outdoor dinning space) and to allow their very affectionate dog to wander in and out on his own time. 

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