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This 70's Mercer Island home can only be described as evergreen; both in the design's ability to stand the test of time and the delicate balance of the stunning landscaping mixed with the perfect combination of indoor - outdoor living. This home feature some of our more intricate work and high-end features. 

Large Scale Renovation | Mercer Island, Seattle, Washington.   

It's easy to focus on the outdoors when homes have this stunning of gardens, but the true spectacular piece of this home is how the landscaping and gardens are seen from within. This 70's home underwent a full remodel to create a contemporary oasis that blends privacy with breath taking views from every angle... quite literally. This home feature 13 VistaLuxe WD bronze anodized corner windows that allow for unobscured views out of every corner of the home. The main entrance features a court yard with hand carved totem poles and 18 foot tall feature window that allows light to pour into the stair well and front entrance, sweeping natural light through to the primary bedroom and hallways.

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The dark exterior trim perfectly contrasts the natural woods that hug this angular home while blending the bronze anodized finish on the exterior. This finish allows for these large windows to provide amazing views and retain privacy from the passing boats of Lake Washington. This finish creates a reflective, warm tone on the exterior that appears completely clear from the interior.  The reflections from the windows create a sense of entrancement, allowing the outdoor living space to feel disconnected from the realities of day-to-day.

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